Japan abounds in accommodation, both Western-style and Japanese. Types of accommodation vary widely in terms of style and price. You can choose to stay in the familiar comforts of a Western-style hotel, or enjoy the comfort and personal attention of a traditional Japanese inn. By taking time to search out some of the nation's less-publicized types of lodgings, you're sure to find clean and comfortable places to stay that suit your budget.

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* Accommodation charge save subject to a consumption tax of 8%.
* First-class hotels also impose a 10 – 15% service charge as well.
* Tipping is not customary except at top luxury ryokan, where a guest will tip a maid when tea is first served in the room.

Foreign Visitors are required to do the following when they check in at lodging facilities in Japan for the purposes of national security and control of the spread of infectious diseases:

* Fill in their “Nationality” and “Passport Number” as well as “Name”, “Address”, and “Occupation” on the guest registration form.
* Present their passports to be photocopied. (The proprietors of lodging facilities are obligated to keep the photocopies.)

Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.